Starting from our main business for 27 years as an exporter of ornamental fish, in 2007 we observed that the sea turtle population in Banyuwangi was decreasing. As indicator, there were plenty of sea turtle hatchlings trapped on fishermen’s net and sold as exotic fish. But nowadays, there is no more turtle hatchlings are caught.

Related to the above conditions, in the early 2011 we started to look for information to establish a foundation which activities are based on sea turtle perseverance. As such, Yayasan Penyu Banyuwangi or Banyuwangi Sea Turtle Foundation was founded on 27th July 2011 in Banyuwangi, East Java. It was legally registered based on Veronica Ratna Handayani Notary Deed No. 24, dated 27th July 2011. Banyuwangi Sea Turtle Foundation is a non-profit and non-government organization, whose mission is to rescue and conserve turtles (outside conservation areas).